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Floridas Skunk Species At a Glance

Did you know Florida is home to TWO species of skunks? It is home to the striped skunk, as well as the less common eastern spotted skunk. In Florida, the eastern spotted skunk is considered a Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). Striped skunks are found throughout Florida, except the Keys, and can be found in both natural and residential areas. They typically inhabit areas with a mixture of dense vegetation and open areas. Striped skunks usually prefer areas that have large dead trees. The range of the eastern spotted skunk extends throughout the Florida, excluding the Keys and, possibly, the extreme Northeast portion of the state—though more data is needed. Eastern spotted skunks are thought to occur within areas with dense scrub cover that would protect them from predators, but they are also found in residential areas. There are two subspecies of eastern spotted skunk in Florida, the Appalachian spotted skunk and the Florida spotted skunk. The boundary separating them is thought to be somewhere near the Apalachicola or Suwannee Rivers, but biologists are still working to determine the exact location. With over 40 years experience, we serve private, corporate and governmental entities in their wildlife removal needs! Contact us 24/7 at 305-255-7296 or 954-927-7296. Pesky Critters has highly trained trappers with live capture equipment to provide safe wildlife removals for the humans AND animals involved.

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