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Invasive Spiny Tail Iguanas

Green iguanas aren’t the only iguana problem in South Florida! Spiny tailed iguanas are

also a huge problem! It takes only a few releases into the wild for a population of the iguanas to take hold. One female spiny tail iguana can produce hundreds of offspring in her lifetime. Further, sperm within a female remains viable for years, allowing her to continue laying fertilized eggs in the absence of males. As it turns out, the black spiny-tailed iguana appears to eat a little bit of everything. At different stages of its life, it consumes leaves, flowers, fruit, insects, spiders, crabs, fish, rodents, hatchling sea turtles, lizards and their eggs, birds and their eggs, bats, and its own eggs and hatchlings.

Do you have invasive spiny tail or green iguanas you need removed? We are on call 24/7 at 305-255-7296 or 954-927-7296. Pesky Critters has highly trained trappers with live capture equipment to provide safe wildlife removals for the humans AND animals involved.

Invasive Spiny Tail Iguana

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