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Tips For Iguana Infestations in South Florida

Iguana eating mango. Iguanas are a major issue in South Florida and Miami Dade county!
Iguanas are a major issue in South Florida and Miami Dade county!

Have you ever wondered why your yard may be overrun with iguanas? Many homes in South Florida seem like a tropical oasis to this pesky invasive due to the fruits trees many homeowners have. Here are some tips for iguana infestations in South Florida:

- Ripening and rotting fruit are like a beacon to iguanas, and help them choose the perfect place to make their homes. Rather than sacrifice your fruit trees, keep rotting or fallen fruit picked up to deter more iguanas from moving in.

- Don't feed iguanas, it encourages them to colonize and can even cause them to become aggressive and attack humans over food.

- Don't touch iguanas or their feces, iguanas transmit salmonella through their skin and feces.

Call Pesky Critters Wildlife Control to remove the colony already established. Once iguanas establish a colony, you need professional help to get their population in check. One iguana alone can lay as many as 70 eggs at a time.... that's a lot of iguanas! Call us 24/7 at 305-255-7296 or 954-927-7296. Pesky Critters has highly trained trappers with live capture equipment to provide safe wildlife removals for the humans AND animals involved.

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